Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mesa Verde National Park

David has long wanted to go to Mesa Verde National Park to see the cliff dwellings, and we were glad this time to be able to go.
The drive up the mountain was beautiful, even if the drive back down left me gripping the door handle for dear life. 
 We carried sandwich stuff with us throughout the trip, and it make for nice picnics along the way.
 David and I bought tickets for the walking/hiking up close tour of the Cliff Palace.  This is taken (with zoom) from the area where the tour began.  We climbed down steps of metal, steps of limestone, and up a ladder to get right up to the incredible palace.
 Pardon the silly chin was so windy!  I didn't want to chase my hat right off the mountain. :)
 The tour and our guide were very interesting.  We were glad to get to take the tour and get right up to the stone structures.  It's amazing that they've been there 700+ years.

After the tour, we drove on a loop to see some of the other structures.  Most can only be viewed from a distance, but this area was available to walk right up to.

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