Monday, June 17, 2013

Meet Me in St. Louis

My Dad is not an easy person to shop for.  So when his Christmas wish list consisted of just one thing - dinner at Tucker's in St. Louis, I was happy to oblige.  We wanted to wait until the weather was nicer, then spring just got busy, so once again, Dad received his Christmas gift on Father's Day. ;)  I'm thinking of just making this a tradition.  We made a whole weekend out of our trip to Tucker's, beginning with an afternoon in St. Charles.
I love love love St. Charles, and suspected my mom would too.  We ate outside near the creek at Millstream Inn Restaurant, where we had a tasty lunch. 
 The last time (and only other time) that I've been to St. Charles was before we bought our colonial style house.  Now I'd really like to buy one of everything sold in the colonial type stores.  Maybe when we win the lottery!
 I love the brick streets and neat old buildings.  It really has a lot of character!
 My Dad and David waited patiently while Mom and I shopped, so we waited patiently while they went to get ice cream.
We checked into our hotel, then headed to Soulard for the best steak ever.  David and I were a little worried that they might not be quite as good as we remembered, but I don't think anyone was disappointed.  I forgot all about the diet as I cut into a perfectly cooked, juicy, delicious filet.  All conversation at our table ceased as everyone began to enjoy their dinner.  Wonder if Dad would object to getting Tucker's for Christmas again next year?  I sure wouldn't!

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Anonymous said...

Was a great weekend!! Best gift of all was sharing the time with you & David! Thank you. Love, MOM