Monday, June 1, 2015

Hoover Dam

We took a break from the lights and action of Las Vegas to visit the Hoover Dam.  
 We took the whole dam tour (ha ha!  Funny every time!), which was very interesting.
 This is from the inside of one of the turbines, which we were told was out for maintenance and that most people don't get to see this on the tour, so we dutifully snapped away.
 After walking down the tunnel in the picture below, you could reach out between the slats and take a picture looking back up at the dam.  I wasn't brave enough to stick my phone out there, but David was and it turned out well!
 They suggest not going on the tour if you're claustrophobic...can you see why?  I could stand in the tunnel, but David had to duck.
 Fortunately this was just a place where we could look down at the steps, but not actually have to use them.  It made the teeny elevator a lot more appealing!
 It was a gorgeous sunny day at the Hoover Dam!

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