Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Las Vegas, Day 2

After our visit to the Hoover Dam, we were ready to tackle the Strip again.  On our first day, we took the monorail and spotted this crazy sculpture of kayaks, canoes, and boats.  It's not visible from the Strip, we we took off in search of it and found it outside the Aria Hotel and Casino.
 We both took a ton of pictures of it, but had a hard time getting it just right.
 It was really cool!
 We didn't miss many meals on our trip, and we ate at some really good places.
 We had dinner at Double Barrel, but was not only delicious, but as we were seated right along the sidewalk, it was some of the best people watching!
 I love the lights of Las Vegas.  There's always something going on, something to see, and something to do.  It's exhausting, but it's certainly not boring!

 These are a little out of order, but these are origami birds in the Aria.  It was fascinating - my best estimate is that there were about 10,000 total.
 This water feature is outside Aria - I think we could have watched it for hours.

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