Friday, June 10, 2016


I really loved Charleston.  It was a beautiful place, the weather was gorgeous, the ferry ride to get to Charleston from Mt. Pleasant was nice.
This was a park area where we first entered town.
We stopped by this old church and cemetery for a shady walk.
And put David in church jail. :)  We stopped for a map of the city, and while we stood on the sidewalk staring at it, a man in a suit stopped and asked if he could help us find something.  He was very helpful...kind of a character out of a southern movie.
Everywhere we looked there were beautiful window boxes
and wonderful old buildings.  And palm trees!
I wish one of us had been wearing a pedometer, because we walked and walked and walked.  We stopped for lunch, then walked some more.
Back to the park to board the ferry to return to Mt. Pleasant.  We'd seen Melvin's BBQ on the Travel Channel and wanted to check it out.
I love mustard or vinegar based barbeque sauces and this place had both.  It was really tasty!

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Anonymous said...

Adding Charleston to our
"to do" list!