Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hill Country

We had some time before the reunion, so after pondering our options, we decided to explore the little town of Salado.  
 This is just what a church should look like. :)  It's the Methodist church chapel.  They had a much larger newer sanctuary as well, but are clearly taking great care of this older one.
 There were quite a few antique stores and we had a good time exploring them.  I found this neat fishing creel and David got an older Coleman lantern - both are cabin-bound.
 David had been looking forward to seeing his Grandad's old truck.  It had been sold to a neighbor long ago, wrecked, and eventually bought back by one of David's cousins, who has it more or less running.
 Lots of time was spent looking under the hood and checking it out.  It was great to see so many of David's cousins, as well as meet an uncle and a cousin I had not met before.
 This is David and his Aunt Evelyn, and her little dog Heidi.
I took lots of pictures of the truck and have had fun working with different filters to make them look old.

Hope we get to go back next year!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures...especially
the old truck pictures!
Glad David got to spend time
looking it over!
Love, MOM

Anonymous said...

Loved your "travel log" of your drive and "foodie" stops to David's family reunion. Leila