Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Just Like a Fool, When Those Sweet Goodies Cool, I Eat 'Til I Eat Way Too Much

Last weekend we traveled to Central Texas for a family reunion of David's mother's family.  We ate really well the whole weekend, starting with lunch at Swadley's BBQ in OK City.  
 The food was so very good, and as you can see, plentiful!

 By Waco, TX, we were getting hungry again, and found this sweet place called Health Camp.  It's been there since 1949, serving burgers and shakes.  I've love to know the history of the name, because I wouldn't exactly call it healthy.  It was tasty though, and a fun place.

 Our first morning in Salado, we had sausage kolaches at a great little donut shop called Creamy Donut.  I ate it in such a hurry though that I didn't get a picture.  The next morning, we stopped there again for another kolache, then we headed to Round Rock for the best donuts you'll ever eat.
 They were almost too hot to hold, and SO delicious!  That's what reminded David and I of Jimmy Buffett's song about beignets.
More to come from the reunion (where we also ate very well) but we had such a great foodie few days, I thought it deserved an honorable mention.

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