Wednesday, June 8, 2016


We got into Savannah near dark and walked around exploring and looking for something to eat.  The next morning, we put on our walking shoes and set out.
 The humidity was impressive to say the least.
 It was a beautiful place, and I'm disappointed that I didn't take more pictures.  We took a great trolley tour around town which was a nice chance to rest our feet and learn about the city.
We had a delicious lunch, and ate way too much, at Paula Deen's restaurant.  All of the food was good, but my favorite was the chocolate chip gooey butter cake for dessert.  It might have been the thing that pushed me over the edge and left me feeling crummy all afternoon, but I almost think it was worth it!

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Anonymous said...

Ooey-gooey! Are you going to try
the recipe? We, too, enjoyed the
trolley tour when we were there.
Learned a lot!
Love, MOM