Sunday, June 12, 2016

New Floors

We've talked for some time about having our floors refinished.  They were in bad shape and getting worse all the time.  What better time to have them done than when were were going to be gone for a week+ on vacation?  Gracie went to stay with her grandparents and Riley went to his usual place, so the house was emptied and ready.  The whole first floor has wood floors, so everything had to be moved out.  The floor people moved the big furniture, but we had to empty everything and have it ready.  It was way too much like moving for my taste and may have cured any crazy moving thoughts I had.
  Here are a couple of "before" shots.
As if by magic, we returned home to this!  I should have taken a picture, but near where David is standing, someone before us had started to paint a PINK quilt on the floor.  It's been covered with a rug since we moved in, but it's nice that now it's really gone.
 It took a while to get everything put back where it goes, and we had to wait a month to put the big rug back down.
 It rained a lot in that month's time, and we spent a lot of time obsessively cleaning dirty paw prints off the floor.
 I invested in a couple of new rugs to help protect the floor.  One at the back door where we go in and out, and another at the front door.  Maybe it was just a good excuse to buy new rugs!
 It seemed like no time at all before we could put the big rugs back, and now it feels like home again.

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Anonymous said...

Floors were even more beautiful
when we saw them last weekend!