Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lake Wobegon and Tiny Bunnies

We have found a church for the wedding! Again! Since the renovations at Stone Chapel made it unavailable for the wedding, we turned to Plan B. Plan B is a beautiful old white church in Billings - Missouri, not Montana. We visited there today and really liked it. Painted on the wall in the front of the church is a Bible verse in German. I thought that was neat since David's mom's family is German as is Rev. Zahn - Christina's dad/Officiant. It felt a lot like being in Garrison Keillor's fictitious Lake Wobegon. The pastor and members made us feel really welcome and seem pretty relaxed about having a non-member wedding. I'm glad that search is over! Now we can move on to other fun things like flowers!!!

In a burst of productivity, I decided to weed in the newly mulched section of our backyard this evening. As I reached down to pluck a handful of wild violet out, something moved. I am unreasonably terrified of turtles, frogs, snakes, and most other slimy nasties. So, I jumped back fifteen feet and gave an involuntary yelp. I moved back in for a closer inspection to finish my work to find not a yucky slimy thing, but the cutest, furriest, babiest bunny I've ever seen. I ran back in for the camera and was glad to find that he had waited patiently to have his portrait done. Tuley, with his hunter/killer instinct walked away and laid down. Seems that the bunny is safe from him! I keep going back to see if he is still there. He just looks at me all bright eyed. He seems to be alone, but I've resisted the temptation to touch him although I think he'd let me. Tuley and I have decided to name him Raul. No particular reason - it just seems like a good name for him - Raul the Rogue Rabbit. Isn't he cute!!!!

David's lemon tree has a lemon!

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