Friday, May 25, 2007

What’s the Gallivanting Gaudy Groom been up to?

To the tune of “Beverly Hillbillies”

Well let me tell ya a story about man named Dave…
It was baby rabbit cutlets that he was beginning to crave…
And then one day he was thinking “Don’t be a fool”...
When his foxy fiancé introduced him to Raul...

--- Long dramatic pauss ---


I had nothing to do with the disappearance of said rabbit.

I have been repeating over and over in my very best Elmer Fud voice –
“Be verrrwe quiet; we’re unting wabbits!”

The groom’s tasks have been arduous as of late. The family of Land Rovers has changed since I last posted here. The 1988 Range Rover (formerly the Houge Rover - pictured on the left above) has gone to live with a family in Ozark. To replace the Range Rover I have bought back the Discovery. I bought the Discovery new in Nashville, TN in late 1997. I sold it to a friend in Lebanon in 2003. He in turn sold it to another fella in Marshfield. I would see the Discovery out and about from time to time. In February I approached the owner and told him that when he ever wanted to sell it, that I might be interested. Long story short… I now have my original Discovery back (pictured on the right above).

I really have done nothing wedding related except tag along to look at and approve of the Church. My one requirement of a church was that it was to have a good air conditioning system. Getting married in December hopefully has made the cooling issue a mute point. For those of you keeping score at home – I sweat… A LOT! It doesn’t even have to be hot. Sometimes if I think the person behind me in the check-out line is looking at me – I will begin to sweat. This is a great characteristic when trying to convince your football coach you are working hard. It’s not such a good thing when you’re getting married.

A milestone of sorts passed by earlier this month and the BTB did not mention it here. Seven years ago on May 6th Erin and I had our first unofficial (official) date. We went to the annual Arts Fest on Walnut Street together. When I say unofficial I must explain by saying we were really not “supposed” to be there with each other. For the sake of karma and the good kind of mojo I will not elaborate any further. We make it a point to go to Arts Fest every year and every year I fall in love all over again.

I know, I know, I know… Your saying “What the hell’s going on!” – “I didn’t tune-in for this mushy crap!”

Sorry – just had to be said.

It’s got to be getting close to Cake-Tasting:30. I’d better get off my duff and get my taste buds primed.


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