Tuesday, May 1, 2007

They Don't Dance Like Carmen No More

Here are a couple more Jimmy Buffett pictures! Todd took the top one with his phone at the concert. There were lots more camera phones and cameras than we've seen at previous concerts, and no one seemed to mind.
Pizza Hut Park in Frisco, TX was a great place for the concert. It was clean, new, and had plenty of bathrooms-this is very important! :) Pizza Hut Park holds 27,000 people for concerts - 7,000 in folding chairs on the soccer field and 20,000 in the stadium seats. We were on the second row of the permanent seating, which gave us a great view of the stage and all of the people below. I think I spent more time people-watching than watching the stage! My favorite was a man dressed as Carmen Miranda. He was a crowd favorite and had quite a conga line following him most of the time. It may have been the red bikini he was wearing!

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