Friday, May 11, 2007

Tuley is a Mountain Goat

For the 2nd time in a year and a half, Tuley Downing has been upstairs in our house! The first time, David carried him up and back down. Both decided this was not going to be a regular occurrence. Earlier this week, I found Tuley standing with his back feet on the 4th stair from the bottom. WOW! This was the highest our neurotic beast had ever climbed! It took him about 20 minutes and lots of huffing and puffing but this morning he reached the TOP! He stood for a while in front of David's office door looking confused - as if he wasn't sure how he got there. We were worried about getting him down in time to go to work (the time he climbed to the 4th step, his dismount was what David described as a 'controlled fall'). That last sentence sounds like Tuley had to get to work, which is not the case. Although, if anyone is hiring deaf sheep dogs, I'd happily fill out his application. Moving on...luckily, he is a food whore. David lured him down step by step with a cup of food. It sure wasn't pretty to watch, but it was very funny! I hope to capture it on video next time.

The kitties weren't amused at having the large guest upstairs. Henrietta informed me of her exact feelings by pooing on the floor of their room. She seems to prefer this method of protest, as she knows it always gets my attention!

Tuley has been a tad - well, ah - delayed in his development. But finally - FINALLY - he is behaving like a real dog!

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