Thursday, May 24, 2007

Raul Update

Raul the Rabbit is gone. I thought he was dead, and had a little box all ready for his burial. Apparently this scared Raul into action. "That crazy lady is going to bury me alive! I should get moving!" And so he is gone.

Thank you to the man behind me at the light this morning. He didn't honk when the light turned green and I continued to sit there. He just smiled and kept dancing to his music. I saw him one other morning dropping bread to ducks on the other side of a tall chain link fence. His morning kindness is contagious.


Anonymous said...

I just might be the biggest fan of this blogspot but that's to be expected from the MOTB!! EE & DD, do you ever wonder if anyone is out there when you don't hear from us? I just want you to know I am enjoying every step on this road2wedded bliss but I'm getting a little concerned about the groom..............we haven't heard from him for awhile! Is he okay?

Erin & David said...

I do wonder if anyone is reading! I'm glad to know you still are!