Monday, December 29, 2008

Back to Normal

Notice anything missing? A Christmas tree maybe? Today it was beautiful outside. It felt very spring-like. Tuley and I took a walk, and it just seemed too warm to have Christmas decorations up. I was afraid if I waited for January, it might never happen. So, before I could change my mind, I started gathering up the decorations and hauling boxes out of the closet. How is it possible that it takes just as long or longer to take them down as put them up? And how do I always end up needing a different number of boxes?Jon and Kate and their 8 kept me company all afternoon. David will be impressed when he gets home - I even managed to wrestle the big tree into the box. I didn't get it back in the attic though. I was afraid he might be disappointed if there wasn't anything left for him to do - ha! It's nice to have the house back to it's normal state!


Keetha said...

#1) I sure love your living area

#2) I REFUSE to put away my Christmas stuff until after I go back to school. I want to enjoy it the WHOLE vacation. Besides - - - New Years isn't even here yet!

David said...

Time to drag out the boxes and boxes of Valentine decorations….

As much as I love the house during Christmas, I also like to see things back to normal. Can’t wait to get home. Should be there to ring in the New Year.


Keetha said...


I am ready to get all the Christmas goodies packed away. It's time.

Lucky you - you're already done.

Oh, I went in Target Sunday morning - dude, they already have Valentine's crapola out. Seriously.

Keetha said...

I went in Wal-Mart today (BIG MISTAKE) and they have all kinds of Valentine candy out already.