Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tree Tour Part Three

For the big millennium new year celebration, Rob's mom invited all of his buddies to a party at the Tower Club. We wore fancy dresses - the girls anyway - and the guys wore tuxes. It was fun, and a memorable way to spend the BIG New Year. My mom went shopping with me for the perfect shoes for my dress. That Christmas, she gave me this sparkly ruby red slipper ornament.

This is from the big Coke store in Las Vegas. We had the best Cokes I've ever had at that store.

Just after we started dating, David took me on a mystery trip. I didn't know where we were going until we were in the St. Louis airport. I know! He's great! We went to Sanibel, Florida for a long weekend. That's where this Santa in a shell came from. It is the first of many ornaments collected on trips with him.

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Keetha said...

You have some really awesome and whimsical ornaments!!! Love them all. Makes me want to decorate my tree in that style again. For the past few years since I've been teaching full time, I've switched to an easier quicker decoration plan.