Sunday, September 12, 2010

BIG Gift

The hit of the party was a gift from our friend Todd - a giant camp chair. Do you see that grin? David loved it!
There's even room for two! It's comfortable, but a little hard to get out of.With 6 cup holders, you could plan to stay a while!The big chair brings out the kid (and Lily Tomlin impersonator) in everyone!
Even our tiniest pirate got to try it out!
I think we should loan it out for Christmas card pictures.
Riley wasn't too sure about it, but he settled in for a nap by Todd.

The big chair is one of those things you couldn't even know you needed until it arrived with a big red bow!


Keetha said...

LOVE the big red chair! I've never seen such. That's the best.

Keetha Denise Broyles said...


I've never seen such a big lawn chair either.

6 drink holders!!! LOLOL.

And Badger Red - - - what could be BETTER than that???? Unless of course you are a Miss State fan INSTEAD of a Badger fan, in WHICH case, you may be FORCED to ship it on up here to me.'