Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Riley vs. Crockpot

Riley the Fierce is a little like me in that he doesn't like things to be out of place. Anything new is suspect and should be approached very cautiously. This Crockpot was sitting on the island, which caused him to bark every few seconds to alert me to its presence so I moved it to the floor. I thought if it was there, he could approach it and see that it was harmless. I was wrong. Crockpot is still very frightening!


Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Hey - - - it's oval, silver, and has a domed top. I think it IS a UFO!!!

Amelia said...

That is adorable!

And in case you are wondering who I am, I wandered here from Cjane's blog. It's nice to meet you!