Sunday, June 8, 2014

Taking Our Pony to the Shore

I don't remember the details, but in one of Jimmy Buffett's books, one of his characters loads up his pony to take him to the ocean.  There is also a song about that story (or maybe the story was about the song?)  As we discussed the pros and cons of taking Riley on vacation, that became our joke, that we were taking our pony to the shore.
 The day after the concert, we got up and headed toward the gulf.  I was eager to get Riley out and see what he thought.
 He was a little apprehensive at first, but he warmed up to the idea.
 He was happy to get his feet wet and sniff all the many things there are to sniff at the ocean.  That's seaweed in the picture above on the left, and it was abundant.  Apparently it's pretty common there in the spring and fall.
We crave a beach visit once in a while just like we crave a trip to the desert, so it was great to get our toes in the sand.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Riley has dreams
about his wonderful adventure
at the beach?!
What a lucky dog!! :)
Love, Grammy

Erin said...

I have wondered the same thing! I told him many times that not all dogs who live in Missouri ever get to go to the ocean. I'm not sure he's convinced. I also tell him frequently that there are dogs who live outside. He seems appalled by this idea.