Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Sun's Dropping Out of the Picture, Soon Be Time to Move

We didn't get enough of the beach the day before, so we opted to spend our last day of vacation at...you guessed it! The Beach!  First we checked out this fishing pier and watched some surfers.

 Then we found a great spot on the beach without too much seaweed and set up our chairs.  I put Riley's life jacket on and tried to coax him further out in the water, but after a wave crashed over his head, he decided he liked standing in it up to his knees a little better.
 We spent the day much like the one before, lazing around on the beach, lunch, driving, then some more lazing around on the beach.  Some of our vacations are filled with everything we can pack in, so it was a nice change of pace to just be still.  After a nice day on the beach, we again left the puppy to nap and headed to dinner.
 This is David's soft shell crab po-boy.  I opted for a cheeseburger this time, but we also had mini crabcakes as an appetizer.  It was all very tasty, but I think everything tastes better after a day near the water.
 The sunset isn't a big celebration in Port Aransas like it is in Key West, but we found a great place to watch it.  As the sun finally disappeared, David spotted a dolphin fin out in the water.  For the next few minutes, we watched as several dolphins danced in the bay waters.  Neither of us had seen a dolphin in the wild, and it was a pretty cool experience!

The next day we headed home bright and early as we had about 14 hours of travel ahead of us.  Riley spent about 13 hours and 45 minutes sacked out on the dog bed in the back seat.  I think he liked vacationing with his people!

**Post title from "Oldest Surfer on the Beach", by Mark Knopfler, performed by Jimmy Buffett


Anonymous said...

I love the blue sky and white clouds
in contrast to the Texas sand & seaweed.
So glad you had clear weather for working
up good appetites in the salty air!
Great memories for you and for Riley. :)
Love, MOM

Anonymous said...

Looked like a beautiful relaxing trip. Leila & Dan