Friday, June 6, 2014

Foodies in Austin

If you've read our other vacation posts, or traveled with us, you'll already know that food is a big part of any of our trips.  It was a little more complicated this time since we had our four-legged companion, but Austin turned out to be quite pet-friendly.

 Our first stop Saturday morning was at the Lone Star Bakery for the famous Round Rock Donuts.  We've been here before and couldn't resist a trip back.  Riley and I waited in the truck in a nice shady spot while David got in line for donuts.  It's always a busy place, but they've got a good system for getting people through.  Soon he returned with a dozen still warm delicious yellow donuts.  Mmmmm!
 One of the things David had found to do with a dog in Austin was Red Bud park, an off leash park where dogs can play and swim.  Riley is always happy to jump in the water, and he made a few new dog friends.  It was a beautiful park with lots of shade.  That was a good thing, because Austin is HOT!
After much research into Austin's many famous BBQ options, we stopped at John Mueller's Meat Company, which consists of a trailer, a smoker, another trailer for storage, two port-a-pots, and some picnic tables under tents all on a dirt lot.  They're open until they run out.  Riley and I waited in a shady spot (do you see a pattern here?) while David got in line.  About 15 minutes after we arrived, they closed the gate.  As they began to run out of things, David and I texted back and forth.  After my first choices were crossed off the menu, I opted to have whatever was still available.  I've never been quite so glad not to get what I thought I wanted.  I don't ever order brisket, but that was the meat that was left and it was amazing.  Ah-maze-ing.  This was one of the finest meals of our trip - a spicy dill pickle, three slices of white bread, and a pound and a half of the best brisket we've ever tasted.  The sauce isn't even necessary, as the brisket was so moist and tender, but it was also really good.
As if we needed another reason to love this place, they had no problem with Riley joining us at the picnic table while we ate.  If we're back to Austin, we'll definitely eat here again!

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Anonymous said...

You two find the neatest places to eat on your trips. We like to do that also (stay away from the chains); we don't research ahead usually - just ask the locals for the best place to eat. Dan & Leila