Monday, December 8, 2014

Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy

Monday began with 1 excited fisherman, and 3 apprehensive fisherpeople.  I'll let you guess who was who! 

Here we are preparing for a deep sea fishing adventure.
 These next few are a little out of order, but my last fish was this big ol' barracuda.  It was really (REALLY!) hard to reel in, but he's a beaut! ;)  Luckily for him, I have no interest in having a fish hanging on my wall, so back to the sea he went.
 Dad was the first to catch a fish - this big, colorful guy.  I can't remember what kind he was, but he was certainly bigger than any fish you'd catch in Missouri!
 Mom caught a fish as well, although again I don't remember what kind he was.  She and I would need much stronger arms to do this on a regular basis!
 David also caught a barracuda who returned to live in the ocean.
Barracuda must have been hungry that day, because Dad caught one as well.  Notice that he is actually touching the, not so much!
It was a memorable fishing trip, and I'm glad we went!

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