Sunday, December 7, 2014

Gotta Get Away to Where the Boat Leaves From

Pardon the title is from Zac Brown's song "Where the Boat Leaves From"

Since we returned from Key West in December 2012, David and I have been planning a return trip.  So when my parents suggested celebrating their 40th anniversary and our 7th in Key West, we didn't have to think twice.  We were thrilled to share the place we love, and so happy to get to go back so soon.
 After a long day of travel, we started fresh Sunday morning with Hogfish Bar and Grill's Sunday breakfast.  It was a delicious start to the day!  They're known for their hogfish sandwich, so the Hogfish Eggs Benedict seemed a natural choice (for David...I'm still not eating anything with "fish" in the name). :)
 Here's Mom and Dad, still blissfully unaware that we'd end up walking a total of 48 miles in the next 6 days.
 In the afternoon, we rested our legs and saw the sights on the Conch Tour Train.  We've done this tour all three times in Key West and find that we see and learn something new each time.  Plus, it's just really nice to sit for a little while!
 No trip to Key West would be complete without a visit to Mallory Square for sunset.  We watched the Cat Man as the sun was setting, followed by Mark with his "suicycle".  He's equally parts daredevil and comedian - very entertaining!
 The few clouds made for a beautiful sunset!

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