Thursday, December 11, 2014

It's Been a Lovely Cruise

On Wednesday, we were ready for a break from all the walking, so we piled in the car and headed up the Keys away to see the sights.  Bahia Honda State Park was on our list of things to do, so when we saw the sign for it, we stopped to check it out.
I couldn't resist getting out to check out the beach.  There are several beaches here and all were gorgeous.  I honestly didn't know any place in the U.S. had such pretty turquoise water.
 We had lunch at a great little place that had a wonderful view.  I said several times that food tastes better if it's eaten outside, and eating by the water makes it even better.
 I loved the difference in Christmas decorations.  This "tree" made of crab traps is in the harbor area where we went for our sunset cruise.
 David and I had seen the sunset cruises on our previous trips, but never taken one.  We thought that would be a fun thing to do this time, and it was!
We were lucky and even had a beautiful sunset! And the captain found wind so that we were actually sailing for quite a while!  

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