Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Recovering from Our Fishing Adventure

After our fishing adventure, we had lunch - appropriately - at B.O.'s Fish Wagon.  I had a hot dog. ;)  Just seeing the fish was enough for me for one day.  B.O.'s appears to have been built with stuff that might wash up after a hurricane.  To us, that's a great look and we love it there. 

Where, but Key West, do you have the opportunity to dine with friendly roosters?  It is a special place, I tell you!

Not sure whether it was the motion sickness prevention pills that we all took, or the travel, or the fresh air, but we all took naps after lunch.  I slept right through sunset, so we got out a little later to have dinner and see the sights. 
 Dad made friends with Marilyn outside the theater.  This house was in the Truman Annex where we stayed.  Aren't their Christmas decorations pretty?  
 We thought this was pretty clever...a tricycle with a galvanized tub attached.  I think Riley would enjoy riding around in one of these! ;)

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