Friday, December 12, 2014

We'll Be Together, Now and Forever, At the Blue Heaven Rendezvous

We headed back to Bahia Honda State Park for a day at the beach.  This is part of the original railroad to Key West which was converted to a road for passenger vehicles.  Built over the railroad, the road left only inches between passing cars.  I imagine people were relieved if they arrived safely in Key West after the exciting trip down!

 Our reason for our trip, as if we needed an excuse, was to celebrate Mom and Dad's 40th wedding anniversary, as well as our 7th.
 David and I found some refreshment at Captain Tony's before watching another spectacular sunset at Mallory Square.
The four of us finished the day with a nice dinner at Blue Heaven, where we tried the Key Lime pie that Andrew Zimmern spoke highly of on his show.  I'm not a huge key lime fan, but it was quite tasty!  We always see chickens in Key West, but after dinner, we heard a lot of peeping, then saw a little flock of baby chicks.  They looked so fuzzy!
  It's hard to beat a day that starts with the beach and ends with a meal eaten outside under the stars...and patio lights.

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Anonymous said...

We have been enjoying "traveling with you and your parents"to Key West. Dan's father lived there when Dan was a young kid. As his parents were divorced, he got to spend the summers swimming, boating, fishing, and eating shrimp. His dad still lived there when we got married; however, I didn't get to go there before he moved to Deltona, Florida. Dan & Leila