Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cookies of Christmas Past

Some of my favorite gifts can't be bought at a department least not in 2012.  I love to antique and shop for old things, but it's even better when the sorts of things I love come from my own family. 
 That's why I was thrilled to receive these cookie cutters from my Grandmother!  Many were Christmasy and are now in the kitchen window and in the bowl with other friends, and some will appear for other holidays.
 Aren't they cute?  I took all the cookie cutters from the bowl to rearrange and make room for these.  I think I may need a bigger bowl next year!

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Keetha Broyles said...

Ah, you KNOW I love them!

All four of our kids and my sis were at my dad's house today. I called to chat a bit with each of them, just missed my sister.

My YOUNGEST said she went into an antique shop to look for some serving dishes for a party's she's having on New Year's Eve, lucked up on a shop going out of business and was able to get an ENTIRE BOX - - - anything she could load in there - - - for $8.

She said she got dishes AND a punch bowl with cups that hang on the edge. She was pretty excited!