Thursday, December 13, 2012

Moonlight Guitar and a Tropical Breeze

Title from Blue Heaven Rendezvous, by Jimmy Buffett

By our third day, we were worn out.  So we started the day with a delicious breakfast.  I had Lobster Eggs Benedict.  So tasty!
After breakfast, we wandered on down to the dock near the Westin to watch boats, jet skis, and palm trees.  Doesn't get any better than that!
Next, we went to the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum.  Two things peaked our interest in this museum that houses some of the findings from the Atocha shipwreck.  When we were in New Orleans a few years ago, we were at Margaritaville listening to Joe Bennet sing.  He has a song called 50 Dollar Treasure Map, and told us that he was in Key West the day Mel Fisher's crew found the mother load of the Atocha shipwreck.  The second thing that made us interested in this museum was an episode of Mysteries at the Museum where they talked about some of the findings from the Atocha.  It was very interesting.  Hard to wrap my mind around the age of the things they found.  We were allowed to take pictures, but it was very dark in there and I just forgot as I was reading the little plaques next to the exhibits.  
We headed back to spend a little time resting and reading poolside at the Merlin Guesthouse.  The windows on the second story in the picture above are to our room.
Before sunset, we went to Hogsbreath Saloon for a cocktail and an appetizer.  We realized we were sitting within view of the Hogsbreath webcam, so sent the link to Todd back in Missouri.  We waved at him and he took a screen shot on his phone.  Isn't technology something? ;)

We returned to Mallory Square for another dose of the Cat Man and another beautiful sunset.
We finished our day with a relaxing dinner outside at the Blue Heaven.  It's a wonderful combination of good food with a fancy flair and rustic outdoor ambiance.  


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More food pictures - - - yum!

All these places look soooo interesting.