Wednesday, December 12, 2012

One Particular Harbour

One Particular Harbour, Jimmy Buffett

If you are looking for good food at a place with lots of personality, B.O.'s Fish Wagon is the place for you.
 David had a fried conch sandwich and I had a slaw dog - a quarter pound fried hot dog covered with slaw and resting on a Cuban bread bun.  We also tried some conch fritters.
 B.O.'s has the look of something that has stood the test of time, even though it appears to be built of scrap wood and metal.  Our kind of place!

 After lunch, we scootered (what?  Scootered isn't a word?  It should be!) back to the beach at Fort Taylor for a relaxing afternoon.

Once we were sufficiently sunned and rested, we headed again to Mallory Square to see if we could find the Cat Man.  He's a very interesting, kind of nutty, guy who has trained his cats to perform for the sunset celebration.  We spent the rest of the time quoting him, saying things like "Hurry up, take your time, hurry up, take your time" and "Go back to your seat, stay where you are, go back to your seat, stay where you are."  
 The sunset that evening was exceptionally beautiful.  Few clouds, orange sky with lots of boats on the water.
That was the end of another wonderful vacation day in Key West.

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Keetha Broyles said...

I LOVE it when you talk food to me.