Sunday, December 9, 2012

Yes, I Am a Pirate! 200 Years Too Late

Title from A Pirate Looks at Forty, Jimmy Buffett

After doing some exploring, we headed towards Fort Zachary Taylor State Park.  Fort Taylor was the location for a Pyrate Invasion for the weekend.  Yes, I know Pyrate is spelled wrong, but that's how it was spelled on the information for the weekend:  It was held within the walls of the old fort, and was kind of a combination of a Renaissance fair and Civil War reenactment.  
  We went to the Fort Taylor State Park the last time we were in Key West, but we just went to the beach and didn't visit the fort.  It was really interesting, and you could walk around and check out most of the buildings.

 Once we finished with the pirates, we found a geocache then walked on down to the beach.  This beach was recommended to us as the best beach in Key West, and we have really enjoyed it.  Sand is brought in for the beach, as it would naturally just be coral and rock.  There is still quite a bit of both of those things, which makes it a little hard to walk barefoot but it's very pretty.
My hair just got bigger...and bigger...and bigger as the day went on.  The humidity was high, and the wind was blowing.  I would need a different haircut if we lived here!  

We're about halfway through our very first full day.  We left our room at about 9 and return 14 hours later...spending the whole day on foot.  Next up - the afternoon and evening of the first day!

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Keetha Broyles said...

Sure is a lovely place you're visiting.

Love that last pic of your two pairs of shoes together on the sand.