Thursday, December 6, 2012

One Part Sand and One Part Sea and One Part Shade of Banana Tree

Title from Where the Boat Leaves From, Performed by The Zac Brown Band

Our first morning in Key West, we woke up and explored our inn by daylight.

 Loved this hibiscus!
 This was the balcony off our room.  You can just see the pool behind the chair.
 I really meant to come back to this hammock to take a nap, but I never did.  A picture of me falling out of it would be much funnier, but it was pretty easy to get in and out of.
 There were two resident cats on the property.  This is Jordan, who could most frequently be found right here, except when they take the cushion in.
 Roosters, descendants of the cock fighting days, wander the streets.  They're among the many protected animals and plants in Key West.  No messing around with these guys, and you won't find them for dinner in a restaurant.
 We walked for a while, checking out some of the historic buildings on the island.
 I'm not sure if this was cypress or not, but we learned that cypress does not hold paint well so it may be.
Not sure what this was, just thought it was pretty!  We continued our walk to Fort Zachary Taylor State Park, which had been invaded by pirates! :)  Stay tuned!

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Keetha Broyles said...

Wow! What a place.

Several years ago I heard a piece on NPR about those rooster, and hens, that live "wild" on Key West.