Sunday, December 16, 2012

I Have Found Me a Home

I have found me a home,
You can have the rest
of everything I own,
'Cause I have found me a home

I Have Found Me a Home, by Jimmy Buffett

Our plane didn't leave until 2:30, so we had one last morning to spend in Key West.  I was very sad to have to go, and I'm pretty sure KW felt the same.  As we started to ride our bikes, it began to rain.  I was pretty sure the island was crying because we were leaving. ;)

Despite the light rain, we rode our bikes past the Southernmost Point marker then to the end (and beginning) of US Highway 1.  The rain stopped and the sky soon became blue again.
 We debated our lunch options, then settled on one last meal at Caroline's.  If you're counting, we ate there three times on this trip.
 I got a burger this time and David had the shrimp po'boy.  It was a great last meal in Key West.  I hadn't found a souvenir t-shirt yet, but David thought I needed one.  We stopped by Margaritaville again, and I looked for the perfect shirt.  I soon found it.  Both the small picture on the front and the large picture on the back had the words from the song above on it.
I spent the entire short flight to Miami with my nose pressed against the window, watching the water, boats, and islands.  It was sad to leave, but we are already planning to go back.  As several people knowingly said on finding out this was our second trip, "Oh, you're hooked.  You'll be back."


Keetha Broyles said...

Even the best of times come to an end, sadly.

I'm SURE you are right and the skies over Key West were crying 'cause you were departing.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your trip. You need to be a "Travel Channel" host or write for a travel magazine.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is Dan and Leila.