Monday, July 23, 2012

Birth of a Business

A small business…

A couple of months ago I was approached by friend whose tire work I have done for awhile.  He questioned the profitability of the tire business and said he wanted me to think about helping him out with a little business venture he was scheming up.  This friend is someone who it is very difficult to say no to.  After some cussing and discussing I told him I would help him out but that it would have to be in my free time before and after work and on the weekends.  A partnership was established and Ozark Mountain Roll-Off Service was born.  This will serve folks who are doing small residential remodel projects, cleaning out rental property or foreclosures, and special events that will generate a large amount of trash in a short amount of time.  The trailer and 5 dumpsters were purchased from a guy in Wichita Falls, TX. Hence the Texas name on the side of the containers when they arrived in southern Missouri.

 So far we’ve had one customer.  An auction serve that wanted the dumpster available to clean out a house that was to be auctioned off.  A big thank you goes to Dan P. for these fantastic pictures that will be used for promotional literature.


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Erin said...

So far I have enjoyed doing a little dumpster diving after the dumpster was picked up from the auction. ;) Stay tuned for a post on that! Yes, I should probably be embarrassed. No, I'm not embarrassed in the least.