Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jackson Hole and Grand Teton

On to Jackson Hole!  We loved loved loved Jackson Hole.  I wish I had pictures of our hotel and the restaurant where we had dinner, but I was too busy enjoying it.  Jackson Hole is just a really cool town, and I would love to go back some day - maybe when it's a bit warmer!  I think it was the coldest leg of our trip. 

 We found lunch at a Great Harvest Bread Co. with the friendliest owners.  We learned that they have family in Missouri and are back in our area quite often.  They were so nice that we returned there for a warm up and cinnamon roll the next day.
 The foreign tourists thought David's modeling of the antlers was so funny that it started a trend. ;)
For this picture, we had to climb about 4 feet of snow.  I was kind of afraid I'd hit an air pocket and fall right in!
Our drive in Grand Teton started pretty gray, but the sun eventually broke through, making for a beautiful day.  Wouldn't it be fun to kayak this lake in the summer?!
Looking down on the little town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  We had a wonderful vacation!  It was the first trip that the four of us took together, and by the end we were all still getting along.  I'm so glad we did it.  What a great time!

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