Friday, July 27, 2012

Kinetic Contraption Race

It has been almost unbearably hot in this neck of the woods, but we tore ourselves away from the air conditioning long enough one Saturday to check out the Kinetic Contraption Race that was part of Duck Days in Ozark.

I really think Todd and David should enter this next year!  The race is in two parts, land and water.  This entry seemed to work fairly well on land.
 In the water, he stayed upright, but the pedaling looked like an awful lot of work to me!  He made it to the end, albeit very slowly.
 This was by far the most spectacular of the three entries.  A giant duck, complete with webbed feet.  They had quite a crew as well.  For the land portion of the race, two bicycles were attached to the back to help power it.  They stopped before launching into the water to take those off.
 The launch from ramp to water was pretty exciting.  I kind of expected the whole thing to fall apart, but it held together.  A little breeze on the water made it look pretty hard to steer, but they also made it to the end.
This lady should get award just for tenacity.  After the land portion of the race, it did not seem her craft would make it to the water.  She sat out for a while, made some adjustments, and into the water she went.  The cooler immediately came undone and the bike slowly sunk and tilted.  She got off, fixed things back up, and got back on while still in the water.  She was making some pretty good progress when something went quite wrong.  I had looked away and missed the moment, but when I looked back, parts of her contraption were floating in all different directions in the water.  She gave it a good shot though!  

I've been thinking of what we can use for our contraption.  I'm thinking the kayaks in some way will need to be incorporated.


Dawn said...

Oh!! I SOOOO think you and David need to enter this next year!!!!

Keetha Broyles said...

What, only THREE entries???? Too bad no one told ESPN this was happening, Sports Nation LOVES showing videos of stuff like this. If anyone took a video, even with their phone, they should submit it to Sports Nation.