Monday, July 30, 2012

Dumpster Divin'

David and a friend have a new side business.  It's a roll-off trash service for people who are moving or remodeling or otherwise have need of disposing more trash than your trash cart will allow, but not enough for one of those huge construction dumpsters.  The cart is brought to you and left, then picked up whenever you are ready.  Today one was used by an auction company.  We picked it up after the auction, and Nosy Rosy (me) was just dying to see what was in that dumpster.

When we got home, I donned the appropriate dumpster diving apparel and started poking around.  There were some dishes right on the top that I thought could be donated to Goodwill.  I just hate to waste perfectly good stuff.  Just beside the dishes though was the treasure of the day.  An egg beater!  With a red handle!  I think I actually shouted "Score!".  One of many moments when David might have reason to question my sanity.

 But look!  Isn't it cute!  It's currently hanging out with my rolling pins and Mason jars, under a picture of my great-grandma and her chickens.

I find auctions depressing.  All the stuff that someone held dear or used, just laying out there in the yard.  And then an entire dumpster of stuff that no one wanted, even a bargain auction rate.  Among those cast off items, I found a little treasure.  And when I see this egg beater hanging out with my other tools of the American woman's kitchen, I will think of the lady who lived in the country house that the city has swallowed up.  A little farm hold-out in a faster paced world.  


Dawn said...

Who knows what kind of treasures you will come across on this little venture you and David are delving into... but knowing you, this little lovely won't be the last :)

Keetha Broyles said...

Score! Is right. I have one just like it hanging on my kitchen ladder.