Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mt. Rushmore

From Wall Drug, we headed to Mt. Rushmore.  The weather was perfect!

On the recommendation of friends, after leaving Mt. Rushmore, we took the Needles Highway.  As you can see on the GPS, it was pretty curvy!

Here we are at a scenic overlook off the Needles Highway.

Next, we drove through Custer State Park where we got an up close introduction to some buffalo!  I made my mother very nervous with my window rolled down taking pictures! ;)  


MOM said...

In my defense, those buffalo sure looked a lot closer from my viewpoint in the car than they do in the picture!

Erin said...

Very true...they were close!

Dawn said...

I'm telling you... Colby WAS SOOOOO jealous of you guys going to Mt. Rushmore... until I told him how many hours it was there :)

I think your mother had a right to be nervous... they seemed pretty close. But it's not like they were charging or anything. :)

Oh. That reminds me of a joke.
What do you do to a charging buffalo?

Take away his credit card.

:) LOL You're welcome :)