Saturday, July 28, 2012

Face Lift

My very first house was a very nice place, but the kitchen....  It was in good shape, but the previous owners certainly had different taste than I do.  They'd tried for a southwestern look, with turquoise laminate countertops and what was supposed to be a terra cotta colored back splash and trim.  It was actually pink.  Oh the horror!  I'll have to find the old pictures and show you. I used to keep a "before" picture on my refrigerator so I could see how far it had come.  My aunt and uncle painted the cabinets a nice clean new white, installed a white beadboard back splash, and replaced the pink laminate trim around the counters with nice white wood trim.  It looked a thousand times better.  With all that done, I could easily pretend that the turquoise was green.  I enjoyed my bright sunny kitchen for about 5 years before I made plans to replace the green with a more neutral tan laminate.  It was on order when I happened to see that a two-story colonial house that I had admired was for sale.  Long story short, the order was canceled, the for sale sign went in the yard, and we moved into that two story colonial.  

 Said colonial, which became known to us as the Fremont House, had a lovely (if smaller) kitchen.  The counters were a bit dated perhaps, but at least they were a neutral color.  I had great plans to paint the kitchen cabinets after we moved in, but well, they match the rest of the woodwork and I grew to really like them.
 Last summer, I replaced the shiny copper colored knobs with their oil-rubbed bronze cousin.  We started talking about replacing the counters, sink, and faucet.
 After a spell of looking for other houses (another long story), we've decided to stay put and finally do a small face lift on the kitchen.
I thought picking out new counters would be the hardest part, but I'm finding the faucet to be a bigger challenge.  I's such a tough life!  Hopefully there will be updates to come!


Keetha Broyles said...

Are those counter top replacement samples? I see none of them are the big gaudy "print" of granite, which I despise. I believe you may just be my long lost daughter after all!!!!

Can't wait to see more.

Keetha Broyles said...

Ooops - - - I forgot - - - better go look at my blog today, gave you a big shout out at the beginning of my latest post.