Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our First Day at Yellowstone!

When we arrived in Yellowstone, it was pretty gray and cloudy.  We stopped at the Yellowstone Foundation for a bit of information.  It was in a cool old building that had been a general store, but I failed to get any pictures.  We were there in April, which is really before the Yellowstone season gets going.
 There were some good and bad points to that.  The best part was that nothing was crowded.  There wasn't much traffic and the parking lots were empty or nearly empty.  The bad part was that parts of the park weren't open yet, like the road to Yellowstone Lake.  We learned that it's not just the amount of snow that causes the roads to be closed, but how packed it is due to snow mobiles.  It takes a long time to chip away at that or for it to melt.
 The volunteer at the welcome center suggested roads for us to drive where we were the most likely to see animals.  We watched and watched for a moose or bear, but didn't see either.  We did see lots of elk, who were obviously not concerned about us at all!
 I think the most interesting thing we saw that day was the Norris Geyser Basin area.  I've just never seen anything like it.  I though that Badlands looked otherworldly, but this doesn't even look like it is really on earth.  A very strangely beautiful place - and stinky too!

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Keetha Broyles said...

Erin, did you guys go out west a couple of years ago on vacation??? Cause I seem to remember you doing some of this once before. Maybe it's your "go to" vacation of choice like the northwoods is ours???