Monday, July 23, 2012

Yellowstone, Part Two

We headed out pretty early the next day and spent a full day seeing the many sites of Yellowstone.  It was not the least bit crowded.  I doubt there were more than 30 people in the viewing area for Old Faithful.

We started to take a path just off of the Old Faithful boardwalk, but soon found that it was closed due to a bear sighting the day before.  We just missed our chance to be eaten by (I mean SEE!) a bear!
 I believe this is Sapphire Pool in the Biscuit Basin area.  I couldn't believe the intensity of the color, especially against the gray of the rock.
 I was a teeny bit disappointed that Grand Prismatic Spring was not very visible from the board walk.  The aerial pictures I'd seen were incredible.  It was still pretty impressive though!

 I took a parking lot picture as proof of the lack of crowds.  Compared so some of the sights, like Old Faithful, this lot looks quite full!

 We spent some time at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  It was quite a sight!  There was a very friendly man with powerful binoculars watching (I think) peregrine falcons.  He was very nice and let us look through the binoculars.  I never could find the darn birds, so I just had to pretend. ;)  We learned that he was starting a new job there at Yellowstone the next day.  He seemed pretty excited!
 You can't tell in the picture, but I'm standing on a little bridge with the water rushing underneath.  Kind of a weird feeling!

Seemed like there was an incredible view of the falls with each bend in the trail.  We didn't even begin to see all that Yellowstone has to offer, as I think that would take quite a long time!  We were glad to see some highlights though!


Dawn said...

pictures don't ever seem to give these places true justice... the ones you caught, however, are breathtaking!!

Erin said...

:) Thank you! :)